August 2023 Home Horticulture Newsletter

August 2023 Home Horticulture Newsletter

August 2023 Home Horticulture Newsletter

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August 2023 Pulaski County Home Horticulture Newsletter

We’re smack in the dog days of summer. It’s time to maintain plants and gardens.

And please remember to REGISTER for the programs you’d like to attend by scanning the QR codes or clicking on the graphic.

Lawn Care program fgraphic
Raised Bed Gardening Series

Upcoming Events


August 2 — Horticulture Webinar Wednesday, 12:30pm (see above)


August 9 — Horticulture Webinar Wednesday, 12:30pm (see above)


August 16 — Horticulture Webinar Wednesday, 12:30pm (see above)


August 17 — Caring for Your Kentucky Lawn, 3:30pm, Shopville Branch Library


August 17-27 Kentucky State Fair


August 18 — Last day to take Master Gardener applications


August 21Lake Cumberland Beekeepers Association meeting, 6:30pm business meeting, 7pm program. Pulaski Co Extension Service office


August 22Lawn Care for the Sustainable Gardener, 6pm, Pulaski Co Extension Service office


August 23 — Horticulture Webinar Wednesday, 12:30pm (see above)


August 30 — Horticulture Webinar Wednesday, 12:30pm (see above)


September 20 — The Wonderful World of Asters, 4:30pm, Pulaski Co Extension Service office.


September 26Raised Bed Gardening Series: Crop Rotations & Companion Planting, 6pm, Pulaski Co Extension office



Never fear if you haven’t gotten your fall broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts planted out. These dates can be pushed into early August as well.


Check local greenhouses for transplants!

Be sure to use fresh seed unless you’ve done germination tests on leftover seed!

UK Home Vegetable Gardening publication

UK Home Vegetable Gardening publication



THE Resource for Home Vegetable Gardens in Kentucky

It’s vegetable gardening season so keep up the good work.  Click below to access UK’s great Extension publication ID-128, Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky


Basil downy mildew

Basil’s Bane

  • Basil downy mildew can spread rapidly and result in complete plant loss.

  • Infection starts on the lower leaves and moves up. It causes pale yellow areas on the upper leaf surface with velvety gray fuzz on the underside.

  • The pathogen can be transmitted on seed, transplants, or fresh leaves.

  • Resistant varieties are the best way to prevent basil downy mildew.

Learn More

Learn More


Master Gardener Updates


2023 Master Gardener Program


If you’d like to become an Extension Master Gardener, sign up today! Completed applications and payment are due by August 18.  The program will begin in September.


You Might Be A Master Gardener IF…


  • You love to talk about the weather — and probably have a rain gauge

  • You base vehicle-buying decisions on how many plants/tools/bags of stuff it can hold.

  • You have a whole refrigerator dedicated to seed storage

  • You’ve saved more than one clearance rack plant

  • You tell everyone they should get a soil test

  • You have a decorative compost bucket on your kitchen counter

  • The only pictures of your gardening friends includes their butts (weed-pulling!)

  • You plan vacations around nearby botanical gardens and arboreta

  • You know the best way to remove the dirt under your fingernails

  • Your yard is much neater and cleaner than your house



Person teaching about plants
Adult andyouth planting a tree
Dirty fingernails
Thermometer and rain gauge
Learn more about the Master Gardener Program

Learn more about the Master Gardener Program


Horticulture Webinar Wednesdays

HWW has more great webinars slated for August 2023.  

August 2 — Horticultural Oils

August 9 — What’s Native To Me?

August 16 —Lawn Care for Busy People

August 23 — Raising Monarch Butterflies

August 30 — Goldenrods


As always, check out the vast library of recorded webinars.

You Tube HWW Archive

You Tube HWW Archive


Important Time for Turf Care

August 15-September 30 is the best time to either establish a cool-season turfgrass lawn or to renovate an existing lawn in Kentucky.


Renovating Your Kentucky Lawn

Renovating Your Kentucky Lawn

Lawn Establishment in Kentucky

Lawn Establishment in Kentucky

UK Turf Information

UK Turf Information

Heat stroke vs heat exhaustion

August Garden To-Do List

Divide peonies late this month and into early fall. Iris should be divided this month.

Continue to remove old withered flowers (deadheading) to keep plants looking good while also encouraging new blooms

Grub damage may show up in lawns in August and September although grubs prefer bluegrass or well-irrigated turf.

If you don’t know how to preserve (or maybe you need a refresher) summer fruits and vegetables, be sure to call the Pulaski Co Extension office (606-679-6361) and see when the next one will be taught!  

Plan for next year’s garden by placing small stakes in the garden where there’s room for alliums, daffodils, lilies, tulips, and other spring-flowering bulbs that can be planted in the fall.

Watering is high priority in the summer but water judiciously. Watering early in the morning is best. Mulch helps retain the water you’ve applied so be sure that plants have 3 inches of the good stuff.

Start planning for a winter vegetable garden. Get supplies like rebar, PVC pipe, and plastic sheeting. Or build yourself a cold frame. And don’t forget to order seeds!


Free Native Plant Garden Designs

Somerset is not a big city but the city of Lexington has posted free native plant garden designs online for anyone to use. They’re called Plant by Numbers.


They have many designs to offer from full sun to full shade and in between. In addition, they include front yard, street side, and stream side. Check it out here!

Plant By Numbers Native Plant Designs

Plant By Numbers Native Plant Designs

Flyer for Raised Bed Gardening Series

It’s Always a Good Time to Soil Test


Soil quality determines your success as a gardener. Pulaski County residents get 25 soil analyses for FREE. Soil probes are also available to loan out. Call our office for more details 606-679-6361

Call the office now

Call the office now


Pine Straw — One Hazard to Remember

Pine straw is a very combustible material. If smokers will be around the pine straw, be sure they don’t throw cigarette butts in the mulch. Provide a bucket of sand for them to deposit their cigarette butts into.

Pine Straw Sales Information

Pine Straw Sales Information


August 2: Climate Education, Hummingbird Festival, Pesky Plants

August 9: Degraded Woodlands

August 16: Bugs, World Honey Bee Day

August 23: What’s Bugging My Tree

August 30: Laurel Wilt Disease

Learn More

Learn More


Recipe of the Month

Take a deep dive into all the UK Plate It Up Kentucky Proud recipes by clicking the button below.

More Recipes

More Recipes

Recipe card for Corn and Jalapeno peppers

Newsletter Archive

To access archived Extension newsletters, click here.

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