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Summer 2014 Featured Information

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N E W !  Pulaski Pollinator Garden Plant List

The pollinator garden was planted in 2014.  Plants include mainly natives with some non-natives mixed in.
N E W !  Commercial Blueberry Production All-Day Workshop Topics include site selection, blueberry growth and development, nursery production, pruning, insect management, and disease control. $10 for lunch.
N E W ! Get Growing! Newsletter Topics include emerald ash borer found in Pulaski Co, upcoming classes, and Leyland cypress problems.

2014 Master Gardener Program

Applications for the Fall Master Gardener Program are due by August 15 at 5pm along with the $150 fee.

Landscape Plants for Honeybees

             Plant List

I've been speaking at several KY bee schools (Allen Co, South East, and Bluegrass) on early- and late-flowering landscape plants for honey bees. This list is NOT all-inclusive. It is intended to give you some different ideas.
2014 Gardener's Toolbox classes

We're rounding out the year with classes on mini-gardens, species tulips, and onions

Farmers Market information

Three markets serve Pulaski County

Relevant publications

     Spotted Wing Drosophila impacts

     small fruits

This new pest has the ability to do serious damage to raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries.  Here's a second pub. Commercial growers must take the necessary steps to control this pest.

News article for August 24, 2014 Bark Beetles

Archive of articles can be found here.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug This is a new stink bug to Kentucky and is a known pest of fruit crops and vegetables. It's also a home invader.
Shopping Tips at Local Farmers' Markets  Shopping at a farmers' market should be a wonderful experience for both customer and farmer.  Here are my top 20 tips for shopping at local Farmers' Markets.

Mobile Technology for Farmers

link to our 'Apps for Farmers' list


A list of some potentially handy apps for your mobile device

.UK's See Blue, Go Green

Website from UK featuring how to be green in your home and garden (and other places)


Emerald Ash Borer Information The emerald ash borer is in KY -- this site will answer your questions about saving your specimen ash trees
Pulaski County Home Gardening Blog

Join Hort Agent, Beth Wilson, for timely information

Beekeeping in Kentucky

If you see a bee swarm, please contact me or a known beekeeper.  We have a number of beekeepers who will gladly collect it.

Our local bee association meets each month on the 3rd Monday at 7pm at the Extension office.  You don't have to keep bees to come and learn!

Tour the Children's Garden  

Virtual tour of the new Children's Garden at the Pulaski County Public LIbrary

Current Get Growing! Newsletter

Home gardening newsletter, published quarterly

Listen to Home Gardening Tips

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Home Gardening Commercial Hort MG Program

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