Do you like to garden and grow your own food?

   Do you like the self-sufficiency of open-pollinated or heirloom seeds?

      Do you want to save money?

         Do you want to learn how to save seeds and build genetic diversity?

Then using a seed lending library might just be for you!

Master Gardeners in front of the Lake Cumberland Seed Lending Library

The Lake Cumberland Master Gardeners have created this seed lending library.

This is what you'll see when you come into the Pulaski Co Extension office:

Seed Lending Library area at the Pulaski Co Extension office


This is the Intro notebook to read through first:

Notebook with Introductory Materials


These are the notebooks that contain packets of the seed we have to lend out:

Notebooks containing seed packets for easy-to-save seeds and hard-to-save seeds


Here are examples of what is included in the notebooks:

Tomato Seed Packet page   Bean seed packet page

Tomato Seed Packet pagePepper Seed Packet page


Come to the Pulaski Co Extension office during office hours to check out seed. A subset of the seed lending library is also located at the main branch of the Pulaski Co Public Library. And thank a Master Gardener when you see one.