2021 The only farmers market serving Pulaski Co is the Lake Cumberland Farmers Market in downtown Somerset at the Citizen's Bank Pavillion. For weekly updates, go to their Facebook page.




Resource: KDA

Before You Open for Business

  • Communicate with key community partners such as your local health department.

o   Ask your health department what steps are necessary before you can open for business.

o   Invite your health department to visit to see if they have any suggestions during this time or signage that may be of benefit to you and your customers.

  • Educate your vendors about appropriate sanitization steps:

o   Hand-washing at least once each hour.

o   Sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces at least once each hour.

o   Designating one employee who is wearing sanitary gloves to handle money or vouchers and another to handle food or products, where possible.

  • Review your lay-out map to spread out the gaps between vendors and customers. 
  • Display public-health messages and materials (from CDC and health departments) where they are visible to everyone.
    • Set up infection-prevention equipment and supplies, especially in high-traffic areas:

o   For everyone: Sinks with soap and water, liquid sanitizer dispensers, and tissues.

o   For staff handling money and vouchers: sanitary gloves and liquid sanitizer dispensers.

  • Do not schedule grand-opening or kids-day events that might encourage people to congregate.
  • Temporary close kid friendly area or playgrounds.
  • Design a drive-through option/preorders/curb-side service for customers who wish to remain in their cars. 
  • Use social media platforms to communicate with customers about your public health measures.
  • Use social media platforms to communicate with customers as inventory available.
  • Eliminate missed-day fees or penalties that might encourage a vendor to be present while he or she is not feeling well.


During Operating Hours

  • Tell vendors, and customers that protecting public health is of paramount importance.
  • Display signage in public areas enforcing social distancing between people, and encouraging visitors to wash their hands. 
  • Possibly remove seating areas so customers or vendors will not congregate.
  • Ensure restrooms are sanitized every hour and never runs out of soap and paper towels (if available).
  • Encourage people who appear to be sick to go home and stay there until they are well.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Do not offer free food samples or cooking demonstrations.
  • Use sanitary wipes to clean frequently-touched surfaces at least once each hour.
  • Ensure vendors sanitize their frequently-touched surfaces as part of their end-of-day activities.
  • Do not use reusable shopping bags.  Only new bags during this time.
  • Offer to pick out the products for your customers.  Tell them if they touch it, it’s yours.