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Important Notice Regarding Pulaski County Extension Programs & COVID 19

Following recommendations of the CDC and the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service regarding COVID-19, and for the safety of our clientele and staff, the Pulaski County Extension office is temporarily limiting public access from Monday, March 23 through Friday, May 8. During this challenging time we will continue to meet the needs of our clientele through phone calls, emails, Facebook, and the Internet. Educational information will be put online on a regular basis and newsletters will continue to be sent.

Clientele can reach us by phone at 606-679-6361 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or email: DL_CES_PULASKI@EMAIL.UKY.EDU for assistance.  Our agents and staff will be working remotely but can still be reached at the following:

(ANR) TJ Adkins- or 606-875-5094

(4-H) Jennifer Cole- or 606-669-9965

(FCS) Edith Lovett- or 606-259-6290

(HORT) Beth Wilson- or 606-305-6647

Like us on Facebook under "Pulaski County Cooperative Extension Service" or find us online at  There's also a drop box at the Extension Office front door where clientele can leave and/or pick up soil samples. We encourage everyone to stay home, stay healthy, and utilize technology to reach us during these unprecedented times



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 2020 Gardener's Toolbox Classes

  • January 30 -- Check Your Crevices: Dealing with KY Ticks
  • February 26 -- Grow Mushrooms on Logs Workshop
  • March 4 -- Pruning Woody Plants Workshop
  • March 18 -- New Year, New Garden
  • March 26 -- Apple Grafting Workshop 
  • April 16 -- Cut Flowers for Home and Market


During 2020, Horticulture Programs will be held at the Pulaski County Library, 10am

  • February 14 -- Pruning Woody Plants Workshop
  • April 2 -- DIY: Make A Succulent Wreath
  • April 16 -- Seed Saving 101




seed packetsNOW HERE! Lake Cumberland Seed Lending Library Spring 2020



Trees You Wish You Had Planted (stressing smaller trees and potential replacements for ornamental pears)

  • This is a powerpoint made into a pdf.



Private Pesticide Applicator Trainings

  • Trainings for winter/spring 2020 can be found here
  • If you currently have a card, check the expiration date. If it expires at the end of 2019, you will need to attend a training in early 2020 to keep your certification up-to-date.
  • If you currently do not have a card, attend one of the trainings and you will be issued a Private Pesticide Applicator card. Anyone growing a commodity that enters into markets should have a Private Applicator license. It also allows you to purchase restricted-use chemicals.





Lake Cumberland Beekeepers Association

     Lake Cumberland Beekeepers are an extremely active group promoting smart, practical beekeeping. They meet the 3rd Monday of each month January - October at 6:30pm at the Pulaski Co Extension office.

     If you see a honey bee swarm, get in touch with LCBA as soon as possible and they will send someone out to collect it.

     The Lake Cumberland Beekeepers were featured in 2015 on UK Ag News.

Gardener's Toolbox text message updates

     Text '@gardenerst' to 81010 to receive textupdates about the upcoming Gardener's Toolbox classes. To receive email reminders, send blank email to

Pine Straw Available!     pine straw

     Lake Cumberland Master Gardeners make pine straw available to the community at a very reasonable cost. We still have plenty. Call (606) 679-6361 for more information.

Pulaski Pollinator Garden Plant List

     The pollinator garden was planted in 2014.  Plants include mainly natives with some non-natives mixed in.

Emerald Ash Borer Information

     Emerald ash borer has been detected in Pulaski County. It may be worth considering protecting highly valued ash trees with a spring treatment.

Landscape Plants for Honeybees Plant List

     I spoke at several KY bee schools in 2014 (Allen Co, South East, and Bluegrass) and 2016 on early- and late-flowering landscape plants for honey bees. This list is NOT all-inclusive. It is intended to give you some different ideas

Farmers Market information

     Two markets serve Pulaski County

Spotted Wing Drosophila impacts small fruits

     This new pest has the ability to do serious damage to raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries.  Here's a second pub. Commercial growers must take the necessary steps to control this pest.

Current news article

     Lake Cumberland Seed Lending Library

     Archive of articles can be found here.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

     This is a new stink bug to Kentucky and is a known pest of fruit crops and vegetables. It's also a home invader. UK's See Blue, Go GreenWebsite from UK featuring how to be green in your home and garden (and other places)

Tour the Children's Garden  

     Virtual tour of the new Children's Garden at thePulaski County Public LIbrary

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Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson, Pulaski County Agent for Horticulture Education

BS in Computer Science, Transylvania, 1989

BS in Horticulture, University of Kentucky, 1995

MS in Horticultural Science, North Carolina State University, 1997

Bethany G. Wilson

ISA Certified Arborist (R)                                      



  ISA Certified Arborist






















To receive text message updates and reminders of Gardener's Toolbox classes, text @gardenerst to 81010