Alert: Dates and Times are subject to change. Please refer to your current homemaker newsletters and reminder letters for changes, trainings, council meetings!

Betterway1st Wednesday, 10:00am

East Somerset1st Thursday, 6:00pm

Faubush2nd Tuesday, 10:30am

Gourmet Gals- 1st Tuesday, 6:00pm

                         (5:30 pm during winter)                   

Happy Hour2nd Monday, 6:30pm

Hilltoppers1st Monday, 6:00pm

Hinkle Belles3rd Monday, 7:00 pm

Hopeful2nd Thursday, 7:00 pm

Just Among Friends4th Thursday                                                     1:00PM

Material Girls Quilt Guild2nd Thursday

                                                6:00 pm

                                   4:00 pm workshop 

Meadowlarks3rd Tuesday, 2:00 pm

Moonlighters2nd Monday, 5:30pm

Nearby Neighbors2nd Thursday

                                       6:30 pm

Not So Pampered Chefs- 2nd Tuesday

                                               12:00 noon

Pieceful Quilters- 3rd Wednesday

                              10:00 am- 3:00 pm      

Roundabout- 1st Monday, 5:30pm

Southern Friends- 2nd Thursday                                                 7:00 pm                  

Teaching Ourselves- 4th Tuesday

                                        7:00 pm