Opportunities for 4-Hers:

2022 4-H County Speech and Demonstration Contest

MARCH 31ST, 2022!

2022 4-H County Written Communications Contest

    • Submit your entries via email to Erica Spurgeon, erica.spurgeon@uky.edu, if email is not accessible, please reach out and we will work to accommodate.
    • Entries should be in PDF format
  • Participant Packet
  • Each writing piece must be original. If there is a question, the participant will be disqualified. A statement of authenticity must be completed and attached to entry. 
  • All entries are to be on 8.5" x 11" paper, with the entrant's class, name, and county on a cover page and last name typed on every page.  (See sample cover page). Please include scoring guide, and statement of authenticity at the back of the piece.
  • Entries are to be double-spaced, typed with Calibri size 12 font white paper. (Songs may be single spaced within verses, chorus and bridge and double spaced between each of these.)
  • Helpful Resources: reach out to Erica Spurgeon for these resources!
    • Songwriting can be found in the National 4-H Curriculum Picking up the Pieces, page 26. 
    • Poetry can be found here: Ohio State University The Writer in You, page 32 . 
    • Press Release and Public Service Announcement: National 4-H Curriculum Putting it Together, page 26. 
    • Monologue: National 4-H Curriculum Theatre Arts Level 1- Beginner, page 17.
  • Categories include: (Junior and Senior Classes for each category)
  1. Songwriting (lyrics only)
  2. Poetry (3 line minimum and 25 line maximum)
  3. “What 4-H Means to Me” Essay (minimum 500 words)
  4. Original Monologue
  5. Press Release (maximum of 1,000 words)
  6. Public Service Announcement


2022 Info Coming Soon for the following events:

  • 4-H Issues Conference
  • Teen Summit (Middle School)
  • 4-H Teen Conference (High School)
  • Pulaski County Fair
  • KY State Fair

*All 4-H events are for children age 9-18 (as of January 1st) unless otherwise specified*