**All youth who plan to show this year MUST have a 4-H enrollment form completed.  We offer an online version of our enrollment form. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED ASAP.

Click HERE to enroll online. This option takes about 5 minutes and should be completed by a parent/guardian. Visit our 4-H Enrollment menu to download a PDF version.  You may alos get a hard copy from the Extension Office.

2021 Market Animal Tagging/Validation

Below are details regarding market animal tagging/validation for 2021.

  • Market animals will tagged by the exhibitor. There will be no validation sites. Below is a timeline on market cattle tagging and small animal (sheep, swine and goats).
  • Market cattle must be tagged and DNA submitted by the March 26th deadline. In the event that a market steer or market heifer is not tagged and validated by the deadline of March 26, 2021, exhibitors will not be eligible to show at the 2021 Kentucky State Fair. Ownership, possession and care rules are attached as well as the validation guidelines.

  • Market Cattle Validation

  • Small Animal (Sheep, Swine and Goats):
    • Order form opens (tags will be ordered online at KY State Fair website) – March 29th
    • Deadline to order tags – April 30th
    • DNA Envelopes must by in hand (Mallory Trenkamp, KY State Fair) – May 28th or before first preview/district show exhibitor wants to attend.
    • Market Lamb:

Tag order link

 “How to” Video link

Market Lamb Nomination Form

    • Market Goat:

Tag order link

 “How to” Video link

Market Goat Nomination Form

    • Market Hog:

Tag order link

 “How to” Video link

Market Hog Nomination Form

  • An instructional video to order tags and tag/pull DNA on exhibitors animals will be sent out in the coming weeks. Notice that order forms are open for tags will be sent out via email and posted on Kentucky State Fair social media accounts

Breeding Animal Nomination Form:

Is now ONLINE.

All breeding animal nomination forms are now open (Beef Cattle, Sheep, Goat, and Swine).

Forms can be found at the following link: http://afs.ca.uky.edu/4h-youth/ownership-possession-care

Beef Breeding Nomination Form


Swine Breeding Nomination Form


Sheep Breeding Nomination Form


Goat Breeding Nomination Form  



The deadline is June 1, 2021 at 11:59 P.M. EST. Any 4-H or FFA member who does not complete the breeding nomination form for their respected animal(s) is ineligible to compete at the Kentucky State Fair. There will be no late entries accepted on breeding animal nomination forms.


2021 Education Hour Opportunities

Because we are still under strict in-person meeting guidelines, we have compiled a large amount of online resources for youth to complete and use to earn their required education hours. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jennifer Cole.



Livestock Packets Complete for 2 hours each. Print off and fill out or use the function in Adobe to "Edit text" then "Add Text."  You may drop off completed packets in-person or email completed packets to Jennifer Cole at jennifer_cole@uky.edu  The Extension Office can print copies off if needed.  Just ask!

Packet #1

Packet #2

Skillathon Video Series with Zach Bartenslager

Watch each video and provide 3 things you learned for each video.  Hours earned for each video varies.

Breeds IDhttps://youtu.be/eBt3LBbetxU (1/2 hour)

Equipment IDhttps://youtu.be/Jq06s_uX_ks (1/2 hour)

Feed ID/Label -  https://youtu.be/_IPIauyGhyI (1 hour)

Quality Assurance - https://youtu.be/FkIyGrvM23I (1 hour)

Breeding Activity - https://youtu.be/yW7bDfa4lUM (2 hours)

Meats ID and Meat Evaluation - COMING SOON 2/1/21

Skillathon Scantron walkthrough - COMING SOON 2/9/21

Livestock Evaluation Videos with Zach Bartenslager

Watch ALL Evaluation + Oral Reasons videos and provide 3 things you learned for EACH video to earn a total of 3 hours. Submit to Jennifer Cole via in-person or email.

Livestock Evaluation Videos: 3 hours for all

Quiz Over Livestock Videos (must get an 80% to earn 3 hours):Click here for quiz

  • (take screen shot or picture of score & send to Jennifer Cole)

Intro/Beef Cattle Evaluation –  https://youtu.be/tHODtTOEWuU

Sheep Evaluation – https://youtu.be/FwvuR7yoClY

Swine Evaluation – https://youtu.be/7GsONIWGH8Q

Goat Evaluation – https://youtu.be/JJJ6b9HO5yY

Oral Reasons – https://youtu.be/QfoYeoDud-M

Check out the Livestock Discovery page. Choose an animal.  View the modules and then "Test Your Knowledge."  After you have done so, tell me three (3) things you learned from the modules.  Earn one (1) hour for each animal discovery you complete.


Sheep Dissection Videos Watch ALL 6 Sheep Dissection Videos and provide 3 things that you learned from EACH video for 1 hour

Sheep Brain Dissection Video- Part 1-  Thanks to Breckinridge 4-H for sharing this video.

Sheep Brain Dissection Video- Part 2-  Thanks to Breckinridge 4-H for sharing this video.

Sheep Eye Ball Dissection Video-  Thanks to Breckinridge 4-H for sharing this video.

Sheep Kidney Dissection Video- Thanks to Breckinridge 4-H for sharing this video.

Sheep Heart Dissection Video Part 1- Thanks to Breckinridge 4-H for sharing this video.

Sheep Heart Dissection Video Part 2- Thanks to Breckinridge 4-H for sharing this video.